How does Spiritual Hypnosis work?

The sub-conscious mind can hold even older memories which can impact our current lives. Past life memories, irrational fear or indeed the intense love of another culture or even indicators of deeper older memories are all accessible under Spiritual Hypnosis. I remember a client with an irrational fear of running out of food. This was quickly traced back to a Second World War memory where death had occurred through starvation.

She ‘phoned me joyfully a little time later to report her Pantry now held only the minimum amount of food and when she went to the corner shop to buy milk, all she bought was milk, not the usual carrybag full of extras. All that was needed was the insight into the creation of the fear for it to be easily released.

Another client healed herself of unexplained back pain by re-visiting a life-time that ended in betrayal and murder, the emotions of that event were still locked into cellular memory, when released with forgiveness and unconditional love the healing was instaneous.

In my more than a decade as a practising Spiritual Hypnotherapist I have heard some amazing memories, often in absolute awe that Souls should write sometimes such challenging scripts for themselves. For it is my belief that with help from our Soul Group and Spiritual Advisers that we do write our own scripts, for me it is more empowering to be the scriptwriter than the victim.

Sometimes it is obvious the there is a theme running through a number of life-times, a Spiritual Hypnosis session can uncover that “theme” and can help make this the life time, that the challenge is met with success! It may be worth noting, I personally have observed that almost without exception, Souls are back here very rapidly, people recall deaths in the 1930’s to be born again the 1940’s for example. Could it be that we are all gathering here together for the predicted shift in consciousness? I hope so!

In a Past Life Regression session I take the opportunity to take my client back into Life Between Lives. There contact is made with Spiritual Advisers, Guides and Soul Group Members. Many questions can be asked and answered, giving real insight into the reason for this life time, are we are on track? Are we are using all the skills and talents we chose to bring with us? Are we aware of the other members of our immediate soul Group who are playing roles in our current lives?

The Universe is a joyful place…….full of humour and laughter and I have often laughed at some of answers given in reply. We can take life too seriously… Occasionally glimpses of the future are revealed, especially when the client needs just that extra bit of re-assurance and support.

We never walk alone, we are supported, loved and guided but we are here to Learn and Spiritually Grow, so sometimes the tough decisions have to be made by us alone. Having courageously made the tough decision the Universe is quick to reward us!